Hello, my name is Luca. I am a Concept Designer and Developer. I have been designing digital products for the past four years.

Selected Work

Please Help Me
It’s a common idea that workplaces, and therefore workplace activities, will increasingly be automated over the coming years. (Semi-) Intelligent systems that nowadays organise mailboxes and assist in scheduling meetings might be the new white collar labourforce of the future. Most of these autom...

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Ever caught yourself being a peeping tom? Looking at neighbours from your window, peeping through windows into random buildings or spying over the internet? With more and more unsecured camera's popping up around the planet and an increasing awareness of the voyeurist that is present in everyone.S...

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In our current media landscape we consume, mainly, small bits of information - mostly hard to place back into a bigger context. Hence, there is a inherent value in contextually curated information, creating more space for interpretation of the embedded content. Ubiquity offers a space that aims to -...

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